• Fatal Flying Cock Punch
  • Family Friendly Christian Poetry.
  • Four Finger, Closed Position
  • Five Free Cheese Pizzas

What is this  all about?

Just some drawings and musings I do to entertain myself during my daily train commute. I’m pretty slow at drawing, so I can only manage 2 or so a week (tuesdays and thursdays usually).


iPad3, using Sketchbook Pro for the initial drawing and color. Some coloring /painting done with ArtRage also.

High-end Windows PC with Photoshop CS6 and ComicLife 2, for typography. Getting better at it, eventually. Might actually be good in around 2014.

What does <comic> mean?

The majority of FFCPs form a narrative pattern, however I do tend to post them out of linear sequence so I can understand if people don’t know what the hell is going on. Some plotlines might go 6 months or more without additional progression. There are also plenty of easter eggs and subtexts that I add to most of them which only cool people will understand. You’re cool, aren’t you?

Where is the rest of <comic>? It seems incomplete?

FFCP is not about serialized episodic adventures. It’s supposed to be random. There are 4 distinctly different stories that make up the FFCP universe and I try to add to these narratives at least twice a week. Eventually all the pieces of the puzzle will fit and singularity will be achieved.

You shouldnt make fun of some things?

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” – Aleister Crowley, Liver AL vel Legis.