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  • FFCP Failed Comic Productions

Why does this exist?

Just some drawings and musings I do to entertain myself during my daily train commute. Expect 2 posts a week (tuesdays and thursdays usually), depending on then size of the comic.


iPad 5, using Sketchbook Pro for the initial drawing and color. Some coloring /painting done with ArtRage. Comic Life 2 on the iPad for typography layers.

Some post-work in Photoshop CS6. Layout templates in Illustrator CS6


What is this all about?

FFCP is the story of a universe, spanning 14 billion years (13.8billion BCE -> 200million CE). It is divided up into three main time lines which have their own distinct characters (with some crossover and continuance for some…).  So far there are over 100 characters (full biopics coming soon…)

The main timelines are:

Creation (13,800,000,000BC -> 2030AD)

Covers the creation of the world and early human civilization. Deals mostly with the Travellers, Pandrells and their interactions with humans. This timeline also includes the creation of Earths sister world, Nibiru.

Contemporary (2030AD – 2050AD)

The Histers, a family living in a familar world at the early age of intelligent machines. Main characters are Aaron, Lori, Ruprecht and also involves Abel and Merlin and their friends.  The arrival of the Pilemites. Also covers the events leading up to the End Times and the rise of Galton.

End Times (2050AD – 200,000,000 AD)

The adventures of Dr Galton and his renegade moonbase filled with proto-sentient robots, building a new society away from old paradigms. The annihlation of the terrestrial human race in a final confrontation between Earth and Moon. The ethical ramifications of super-advanced technology. Ultimately the Travellers plan will progress towards fruition.


Where is the rest of <comic>? It seems incomplete?

FFCP is not about serialized episodic adventures, or linear narratives. It’s supposed to be about “slices of life”  in the FFCP universe and not necessarily in chronological order (although I will try to keep them in order to make it easier to understand in the future). Some posts will advance individual storylines and flesh out details, but mostly I’ll just do what comes to me on the day I draw it.


You shouldnt make fun of some things?

There is a difference between satire and just being an asshole. A very fine line. Either way, I’m just going to follow my whims.


How long does it take to draw? What about layer arrangements?

I generally follow the same structure for all my comics, the the following order (descending):

  • 1 “multiply” layer for the layout (pre-generated as 96dpi PNG-24)
  • 1 “normal” layer for the typography and speech bubbles (exported from Comic Life2)
  • 1 “add” layer for highlights and glowing effects (if applicable)
  • 1 “normal” outline layer. This is the line art layer.
  • 1 “multiply” layer for shadow effects (33% grey for daylight, 66% grey for inside etc)
  • 1 “normal” diffuse layer. This is for the flat colour.
  • 1 “normal” background layer (usually a flat colour or some kind of texture)

As a general rule, 1 row of panels takes 2hrs, where (in this order):

  • 30% is writing the script, creating the panel layouts and speech bubbles.
  • 20% of that is drawing the line art
  • 40% of that is filling flat colour (I need to reduce this!)
  • 10% of that is shadow/highlight layers


How did you do that certain <miscellaneous> effect?

Looked at what other artists do and worked out how they did it. I’m still a novice myself and learning new stuff all the time. I might do some tutorials at some point once I get a decent level of skill.